H&B Commercial Paving Division

Looking for a reliable commercial paving company in Eastern Ontario?

HB Contracting commercial street lot paving

A trusted paving contractor in Ottawa and area since 1997, H&B Contracting is a Commercial Asphalt Services provider for work on asphalt parking lots, roadways, ramps and more.

Asphalt pavement is versatile and long lasting if careful planning, design and construction is done right.

Paved roads and asphalt parking lots offer years of reliable surface use when proper guidelines for subgrade preparation, drainage and thickness design are followed.

From pothole repairs to large parking lot paving, H&B Contracting Pavement Services offers cost-effective commercial asphalt paving in Eastern Ontario. Your entrances, approaches, exits, drive-throughs and dumpster-pad areas will support the heavy use and heavy loads.

Subgrade Preparation

Leveling and contouring the subgrade is important so that there is proper drainage


H&B ensures rigourous compaction occurs on the subgrade and aggregate base. Proper compaction of asphalt pavement is essential for long-term pavement performance.


Driveway drainage concerns can be achieved by sloping the asphalt pavement one way or the other.

Tip: Avoiding excessive use of sprinkling systems that may saturate the pavement structure keeps your parking lot stronger longer.

Tip: Each year thousands of dollars can be saved in pavement repairs by instructing drivers of delivery and disposal trucks where to drive with proper signage.

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